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(= send out back) human being → zurückschicken; lousy weather conditions turned the airplane back again to Heathrow → schlechtes Wetter zwang das Flugzeug zur Rückkehr nach Heathrow; they have been turned again on the frontier → sie wurden an der Grenze zurückgewiesen

? transform down vt sep bedclothes → zurück- or aufschlagen; collar, brim → herunterklappen; corner of web page → umknicken

commutate - reverse the course of (an alternating electrical current) Just about every 50 percent cycle so as to make a unidirectional current

two. a winding or coil. There are eighty turns of wire on this aerial. kronkel لَفَّه намотка volta závit die Windung omvikling στροφή, δίπλωμαvuelta keere دور kierros spireסיבוב मोड़ zavoj (tekercs)menet gulungan vafningur, snúningur volta, spira 巻き 바퀴 vija vijums; līkums lilitan slagkveil, tørn, bukt zwój دور volta spiră виток závit navoj obruč varv, omgång ขด; ม้วน kıvrım, büklüm (一)圈 оберт پيچ vòng xoắn (一)圈

improve - undergo a transform; grow to be diverse in essence; shedding 1's or its authentic mother nature; "She altered absolutely as she grew more mature"; "The climate changed past night"

fifteen. To count on anything for fulfillment or failure; hinge: "The election would turn not on ideology but a fantastic read on competence" (George F. Will).

adjust state, transform - bear a transformation or possibly a alter of posture or motion; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The folks turned in opposition to the President when he stole the election"

a. To own recourse to anyone or factor for support, aid, or data: You could usually switch to me for guidance.

growth - a current occasion helpful resources which includes some relevance to the present problem; "modern developments in Iraq"; "what a revolting development!"

switch - to break and switch in excess of earth Specifically by using a plow; "Farmer Jones plowed his east area past week"; "turn the earth within the Spring"

45. the appropriate or possibility to do a little something within an agreed get or succession: we'll get turns to Perform; now It really is George's change; it's essential to not play outside of transform.

three-place change - the act of turning a automobile around in the constrained space by transferring inside of a series of again and visit this site right here forward arcs

transform around, reversal - turning within an reverse direction or position; "the reversal of the picture while in the lens"

alter, modify, modify - result in to alter; make unique; bring about a change; "The advent in the automobile could have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has transformed my pondering the issue"

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